The Importance of Actions

A good friend of mine recently told me “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response.”  After a lot of thought and reflection, I have finally realized the meaning of this and have been able to implement it in my life.  Here are a few things I have learned from it:

1. The only person who can change you is YOU

We can tell ourselves over and over again that we are going to be better and change something, but until we actually DO IT, it isn’t effective.  I am so guilty of this.  I sit in my room and blog about things I want to change and lessons I have “learned”… but have I really learned anything if I am not willing to change?

2. It Takes Time

Some lessons are meant to be learned several times.  Everyone takes time to finally understand what God is trying to teach them and how to change and become a better person from it.  I have been told so many times by my friends and family that I need to change certain things about myself, and I know they are right.  Even though I may know I am making bad decisions, it sometimes takes more than just being scolded and warned by others that you are going down the wrong path.  Sometimes it is just something we have to learn on our own, whether it be the long and hard way or the easy way.

3. Don’t do it for ANYONE else

What I have finally learned over my lifetime is that God wants us to be happy with ourselves.  We must treat our bodies as temples, not only physically, but also emotionally.  Without happiness and God in our lives we feel weak and lost.  The closer I have come to God, the closer I have become to myself.  Change is something we need to conquer on our own, without the influences of others. I have realized recently that I let myself become SO influenced by what others think of me and their perceptions of my actions.  In reality, I need to worry not about what others think about me but what I MYSELF thinks of me.  Growing stronger in my faith is helping me to become closer to myself.  Change happens over time without us realizing it sometimes, but when we really want to change something and are ready to make the right decisions, it comes naturally.

4. STOP crying WOLF

I am becoming the girl who cried wolf!  I always say I am going to do something, or “maybe I will just start next week”.  I let myself get caught up in the moment and then when I look back at what I said I was going to change, it slips farther and farther into the back of my mind and it seems almost as if it has no importance anymore.  It is so important to keep your promises to yourself, because once you have made a mistake, there is no going back.  I am lucky enough to not have made extremely awful mistakes yet, but I am getting pretty close.  Everyone makes mistakes, but there is no excuse for making the same mistakes over and over again with the same explanation every time… ESPECIALLY if you said you were going to change it last week.

5. You can’t make Excuses for Yourself

I am the queen of excuses.  I can own up to my mistakes in my head and I can feel horrible about it and drive myself crazy.  But when people ask me about it, I will make excuse after excuse due to lack of accountability.  It really is something most people need to work on.  Our generation has such a hard time saying “I’m sorry, I messed up.”  And even when we do say it, we are not genuinely sorry half the time.  There are so many apologies I never gave and to this day I wish I could go back and change that.  The first step to making a change is to realize that you are in the wrong; that you have something you need to fix, and NOT make an excuse for yourself.

There are so many things I need to change, but God accepts me as I am and I am forever thankful for that.  I am realizing in college that it is hard to prioritize and keep myself in line with my goals.  Becoming closer in my faith has helped me with this, and as I am growing older, I think I’m finally starting to be truly HAPPY.

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart.” Psalm 37:4 ❤


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My name is Chandler. I really like talking (to basically anyone who will listen). I also love Taylor Swift with a passion, which you will soon learn from reading my blog. I have a twin sister who is also my best friend even though we are polar opposites. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you enjoy long rants about life and my views on it :)

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